Summing up who and what Voleurz exactly is, in a few hundred words isn’t easy. You see they’re not just your typical shred crew. From running a successful clothing company, to releasing seven full-length films, hosting worldwide movie premieres, and creating the Winter Volympics Games, this band of brothers has proven that anything is possible. We recently caught up with Co-founder Darren Rayner and here’s what he had to say.

1. Who’s in your crew? Geoff Brown, Justin VDP, Braden Dean, Max Hill, Jake Black, TJ Schiller, Roz Groenewoud, KC Deane, Jesse Millen, Justin Dorey, Josh Bibby, Scott Sych, Jordan Gibson-Fraser, Warren Williams, Shayne Zwickel, Riley Leboe, Peter Olenick, Reed Speedman, Rob Heule, Mack Jones, Matt Margetts, Barry Hartman, Andrew Jackson, Mike Riddle, Mason Mashon (photo), Pat King (video), Josh Stack, Jeff Boakem, Joe Schuster and Colby James West.

2. How did you first get started? We started making clothing and shooting skateboarding and mountain biking while at UVic (University of Victoria). Once we completed our degrees (or dropped out) we moved to Whistler and that’s when snow-shred-film-making began for us. We had a blog before the word “blog” existed and were influenced by the legendary Crapneto crew. They always killed it with every edit. Good snowboarding, fun times. What it’s all about!

3. What’s with the name? Thieves in French… kinda. We just liked how the word looked, so we began spray-painting it around town and on t-shirts.

4. What’s your home mountain? Whistler Blackcomb

5. Five best things about riding there? Friends: You can have a good day in any condition as long as your homies are there.
Storms: Whistler get hit with a lot of storms, and when its cold it’s the best snow around.
Partying: You can shred right to the patio of the Longhorn. Now that’s convenient.
Park: Whistler park was sick this year, some unique jib features with clean tables. For some reason the weather is always better in the park.
Summer: Riding shirtless on the glacier in July is all time. COC and Momentum camps have it going on.

6. Any standout park features? Shack booter on Blackcomb is always nice and sendy, and good for practicing tricks. Doesn’t look too big for filming so we usually post up on Kong (the bottom left jump) or get jib-techy in the Whistler park.

7. Best time of year to visit here? Telus Festival in April. Always lots going on in the village and not busy on the mountain.

8. Best place for eats and après in the area? Longhorn: We eat caesars for breakfast. The Scotch Cave at Mason Mashon’s place is also nice for a quick snack and scotch.

9. Best local boardshop? Comor, TMC and Showcase.

10. What’s your crews claim to fame? Intersection filmmaking contest. Such a tough contest with some unreal videos from all the crews.

11. What’s your crews plans for this season?
We’re focusing on backcountry filming right now and have been having some really deep days. We’ve also been working with an RC Heli and we’ve been getting some amazing angles with that… It’s the future. We’ll be releasing frequent webisodes throughout the winter as well as our annual free length film. It will be available online for free in November, as well as premiering around the world.

Watch Voleurz latest film That’s Fine

Here’s their 2011 winning Intersection film submission, Cat Skiing

Tour life, Voleurz style

Rob Heule, Max Hill and Joe Schuster

Their newest recruit: Geoff Brown

Jesse Millen