Straight out of Bozeman, Montana, Toy Soldier Productions first got their start in 2009. Since then they’ve released countless edits and two full-length films, Come Find Us and Set Your Sights. We recently caught up with Cinematographer/Editor Jonny Durst to find out what him and his crew have been up to.

1. Who’s in your crew? Justin Brodin, Shane Dowaliby, Jonny Durst, Andy Hahn, Shay Lee, Sandy Boville, Finn Anderson, Brock Paddock, Austin Torvinen, Khai Krepela, Sam Hurst, Jake Doan, Noah Wallace, Karl Fostvedt, Luke Perin, David Steele, Mack Jones, Cody Perin, Luke Tanaka and many more.

2. How did you first get started? It started in 2009 when Justin Brodin had the idea of making a film shot entirely in Montana.  He recruited some local talent and before we knew it we had made a feature film.  

3. What’s with the name? The name Toy Soldier was thought up by Justin and really caught on once the logo had been created.  The idea of a soldier holding a camera instead of a gun just seemed awesome.

4. What are your home mountains? We ride mostly at Big Sky and Moonlight Basin in Montana.

5. Five best things about riding there? Good snow and great people make it the place to be. There’s some other stuff too but you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

6. Any standout park features? Every season is different. There are plenty of jumps and rails to satisfy any level of rider.

7. Best time of year to visit? Anytime. There’s always something going on.

8. Best place for eats and après in the area? The downtown scene in Bozeman is pretty cool.  There are some great places to eat and drink after a good day of shredding.

9. Best local boardshops? World Boards and Chalet Sports.

10. What’s your crews claim to fame? We’re not totally sold that we are famous just yet, but a lot of people comment on our shots that landed the skiers right next to a speeding train.  

11. What’s your crews plans for this winter season? We are currently filming our third movie, which will be out in the fall. This year we have really been focusing on rider-based segments.  We think it will be our best work yet so stay tuned.

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Big Sky edit featuring Sandy Boville, Finn Anderson and Shay Lee