In the first installment of our Crews column, we tracked down Alex Beebe of the Lost Boys. Based in Ontario, with roots in Whistler, you’ll find this crew riding at Horseshoe Resort and hitting countless urban features, before heading West for the spring.

1. Who’s In Your Crew? Alex Beebe, Brody Pigeau, Tyler Ashbee, Kyle Lutes, Ezra Griffieon, Cory Gallon, Steve Cartwright, Jake Fine, Max Fine, Steve Powling, Neil Young, David Hull, Cody Wilson, Jordan Macdonald, Adam Franks, Eric Brown, Jon Versteeg, Ralph Damman, Luke Harrison, Lucas Ouellette, Josh Blasman and Craig Granfield

2. How did you first get started? We didn’t really ‘get started’. We more or less all became friends and we just kept doing what we have always done.

3. What’s with the name? Most of us never know what we are doing or what’s going on. We have no plans. One summer we were all wearing jean shorts as bathing suits and one of our friends told us that we looked like the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. We were down.

4. What are your home mountains? BC folks: Whistler Blackcomb, Ontario kids: Horseshoe Resort

5. Best things about riding there? Whistler Blackcomb: The best terrain you could ever have. The best free riding and a pretty darn good park as well. Horseshoe: There is always a good crew of friends there. You can show up anytime and have some people to ride with. It also has one of the better parks in Ontario.

6. Any standout park features? The new down-flat-down and the Big Red rail. They’re both new and were built for a contest last season. They’re a great time.

7. Best time of year to visit? WB: Its great all year round but you definitely want to be there mid-winter if you’re looking for powder. If you’re into partying then springtime it is. Horseshoe: Closer to the springtime. The park will usually be better near the end of the season when they have the most snow and have had time to adjust everything how they want it.

8. Best place to eat and après? WB: Way too many to name but a beer or Caesar at the Amsterdam pub is always a good time. Horseshoe: the Crazy Horse for sure. Good food and some pretty waitresses.

9. Best board shops in the area? WB: Mountain Riders is the best. Super cool staff and they know what’s up when it comes to snowboarding. Horseshoe: Scotties and Sanction.

10. Any plans for the current season? Board as much as we want and drink a whole lot of beers. Most of the Ontarians will head to Whistler around March to try and catch some powder and have some fun.

Here’s the Lost Boy’s latest full lenght video: