You know it’s that time of the year again when you are so excited to go snowboarding that you just grab all your gear and speed walk to the lifts, gradually getting dressed and tying your boots in the lineup.
The rumor had been going around in Quebec that Killington Resort was now open and had 13 trails and two lifts open. Considering we hadn’t made it for opening day the week before, Claudia Biron, Myriam Frigon, Patricia Gauthier, and myself were now determined to mission out to Vermont for our first day of snowboarding of the season.
Sunday, 4 a.m.
My alarm clock goes off.
Pants, check. Boots, check. Board, check. Outerwear, goggles, wallet, check! The car is packed. I’m ready to go meet the crew. Let’s do this.
OH NO WAIT! My passport! Ugh, I need coffee.
9:30 a.m.
Are we there yet? Pit stop at a typical small gas station for some munchies and fuel. Everyone is really excited now as we are almost there. Our emotions cause us all to buy something random on impluse at the corner store. Mine is a disposable Kodak camera and my mission is to use it all in one day to tell the story of our adventures in the USA.
10:30 a.m.
Officially exit the Killington gondola and strap on for the first time in forever it seems.
From then on I lost track of any form of time or place. The sun was shining, the snow was soft. The snowpark was full of fun games to play with and there were always new side hits to discover all around the slopes.
When I saw the sun setting and the lift operators waiting for us to leave so they could close, I realized that the day had gone by too quickly. I would claim this day to be the best session of the season, but it’s only the first one.

The mountain on our arrival

Essentials. Getting ready on the way up.

Riding up the gondola

Pulling out our best tricks to impress the boys in the chairlift, duh!

Myriam, Laurie, Patricia, Claudia, Jé Pagé and L-P Dorval in the liftline

Myriam and Patricia on the chairlift

Beautiful sunset on the last run down

In the parking lot at the end of the day. Notorious BIG’s “Juicy” and Chromeo’s “j’ai claqué la porte” are pumping very loud

Back to the homeland after a long day. Quick stop at the infamous “Madrid” to see the dinosaurs and grab some dinner