Not too many people know this, but us folks at Snowboard Canada are pretty deeply woven into international politics. Don’t tell anyone, but we’re actually part of the cast of shadows pulling the strings on this planetary starship. Most of your favourite shredders are. Our ground troops in Whitehorse, YT recently hit us with a tribute to one of our favourite plants, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. JT’s advancing our agenda nicely– we got him young, brainwashing him on the shred when he lived in his van in Whistler, and we’ve got big plans for him scheduled to roll out once we put Sanders into office.

In all seriousness, though, getting the kick on a classic Option is rad no matter who you are, and we’re stoked that Prime Minister Trudeau keeps boarding in his life.  The dude still makes time for turns with his family, gets back to the source and whatnot.  So without further ado, here’s to you Mr. T!