Stoneham, September 29th, 2016 – It is a morning filled with emotions for Stoneham Mountain Resort as well as JP Auclair’s friends and family. The professional skier who perished two years ago in an avalanche while he was skiing in Chile was honored today by the resort. Aware of his incredible journey and grateful for his legacy to future generations of skiers and snowboarders, Stoneham wanted to dedicate a trail to JP’s memory.





The trail known as «La Kamikaze», situated in the expert sector of the mountain, has therefore been renamed «La JP Auclair». In the trail, there is a boulder from where skiers jump when the snow is high, which was decorated with a permanent graffiti to celebrate the memory of JP. It was drawn by his close friend Sébastien Larose and executed by the muralists from Sautozieux. The yellowbird was originally drawn by JP himself for his girlfriend and used in one of his ski films.

«We wanted to do something unique and special in JP’s honor, something that would remind people of him. He left his mark on the ski industry worldwide, and we were always very proud that he called Stoneham his home resort» says Daniel Rochon, the resort’s vice-president and general manager. This trail, one of the hardest glades of the mountain, was selected by Stoneham as well as JP’s family because it represents perfectly the skier he was.

JP Auclair was a professional skier who marked the ski industry worldwide. Freestyle skiing pioneer, he created his own ski company and directed his own films before launching humanitarian aid. He was a philanthropist, entrepreneur, director and film maker, photographer, designer, climber, mountaineer, guide, X Games competitor, member of the « New Canadian Air Force »… He had an incredible impact on everything he touched and left an indelible mark on the sport.

Throughout those years, whenever he had the chance, he visited Stoneham to meet with friends and train. JP was the person we loved being with; he was both funny and attentive. But above all, he was a father, a son, a brother, a mentor, a friend, a genuine and passionate man, larger than life.