By West Coast Canadian standards, it was a beautiful day!  Below is a photo essay from a stormy day out west.

All Photos ©Kyler VosSBC-©KYLERVOS-1MomentsSBC-©KYLERVOS-4 When its slow you got to go. Rider: Issac RaddyshSBC-©KYLERVOS-2 The Box.

SBC-©KYLERVOS-18Rider: Peter DevriesSBC-©KYLERVOS-16The Regulator. SBC-©KYLERVOS-3Peter Devries over under.SBC-©KYLERVOS Rail game on point Rider: Michael Darling.SBC-©KYLERVOS-17Rider: Michael Darling.SBC-©KYLERVOS-5Man turns with Ryan Oke. SBC-©KYLERVOS-7Rider: Ryan Oke.SBC-©KYLERVOS-6Eyes on the prize. Rider: Issac RaddyshSBC-©KYLERVOS-8Steep and deep. Rider: Issac RaddyshSBC-©KYLERVOS-9Arching. Rider: Janek Peladeau SBC-©KYLERVOS-20whipping. Rider: Janek PeladeauSBC-©KYLERVOS-11SBC-©KYLERVOS-15Hopeless visions. Rider: Kye Peladeau.