There could be some new changes taking place at The Lake Louise Ski Area soon. The Alberta based resort has drafted a set of guidelines here, that include a new proposed road map for the ski resort’s future. Members of the general public have a chance to submit thier comments and feedback via email to before midnight on June 21, 2015.

The outcomes associated with these guidelines could provide a significantly improved skiing and snowboarding experience, outstanding ecological and educational gains, and an enhanced year-round visitor offering in Banff National Park, with substantial economic benefit for Alberta and Canada.

Environmental Gains
-Return of Purple and wolverine Bowls to protected zones. Return of area in the Whitehorn Corridor to protected zones or limited or prescribed usages. These areas make up a reduction of almost 50% of the current LLSR leasehold (while at the same time provide for a great deal of very exciting new skiing as outlined below).

-Movement of summer sightseeing, hiking and Interpretive programs from mid-mountain and the Whitehorn corridor to a less sensitive upper mountain location.

-Reconfiguration of water supply systems, including development of off-stream storage reservoirs, to provide protection for aquatic systems and sensitive species.

Guest Experience Gains
-New ski terrain outside the current lease in West bowl (173 hectares) and Hidden Bowl (183 Hectares).

-New beginner and intermediate ski terrain inside the current lease on Richardson’s Ridge (81 hectares) and West Juniper (31 hectares).

-New day lodge near the top of Grizzly Gondola to support relocated summer facilities and improve the winter ski experience.

-Terrain modifications within the revised ski area leasehold in key locations to improve skier safety and circulation.

To submit your comments and feedback please email: before midnight on June 21, 2015.

Lake Louise Ski Resort, Alta. Banff Lake Louise Tourism/Zizka photo.