When it comes to working in a resort town, there are endless job opportunities available. From lifites to instructors and servers to snowmakers, the toughest part of the application process is deciding which position you’d prefer the most. This week we caught up with Erika Langman, the Mountain Events Supervisor of Resort Operations at Ontario’s Blue Mountain.

Number of years working at Blue Mountain? Five years, going on year six.

What made you want to work an events department? I’ve always loved the excitement and constant change of events. I started out as an athlete, slowly working my way into officiating, volunteering and now I run the events department at the largest resort in Ontario. I am a very social person, and events are the perfect way to meet people who share a similar love for the outdoors.

Did you need any specific schooling to get your job? I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing and Management, which has definitely helped me understand the strategy and financial impact behind event marketing. I would, however, say that in the world of events, experience speaks volumes. The best training you can get in pursuit of a career in events is to volunteer every chance you get. The more you volunteer the more people you meet, and the more contacts you generate for future opportunities.

What’s the best part of your job? Variety and excitement. Getting to work outside in an upbeat atmosphere with a different crew of amazing people pretty much every weekend is a huge plus. I’ve met so many talented athletes, organizers, sponsors, parents and sales reps who have become some of my closest friends.

What are the downsides? Working long days in the cold, usually from the wee hours of the morning until late into the night once the event has wrapped up. Staying on top of a million minor details, and, of course, the phone bill in March.

Is your job seasonal? My job is year-round but definitely heavy in the winter. In the valuable time off I have in the summer and fall, I travel the world as a professional wakeboarder.

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