Greybird skies swapped the blue from the day prior and the balmy Chinook temps dropped off during the men’s and women’s slopestyle finals today at COP. That combination made for a course that was frozen solid, which meant all riders had to bring their A-game (not to mention big cajones) if they were going to podium. The 2011 edition featured four rails and a battleship wall ride leading into three final kickers, affectionately nicknamed Red Eye, Hump Day and The Punctuator, by the heckling announcers.

Speed was a major issue throughout the day as riders struggled to keep momentum through the jump line. The three-run final format did lend a little leniency to the riders, however, allowing them to scrub out low scores. After a stellar second run by Canada’s Zak Stone that put him on top, American Sam Hulbert’s final run upset the Canadian fans and locked him in first. Hulbert’s winning formula: Front180, Switch 50-50, Switch Backside 180 on the first rail, Front Board, Boardslide 270, and 50-50 Backside 3, before rolling into the jumps with a Switch Backside 9, Frontside 1080 and a Backside 720. Quebec’s Francis Bourgeois also made a valiant effort, impressing judges to secure the third place spot.

Jamie Anderson dominated her first Canadian Open, and it was her first run that sealed it with a Boardslide, Boardslide 270 out, 50-50 Tailpress, and 50-50 Front Board, heading through the jumps with a Front 3, Back 1 and Switch Back 540. “It’s my first Canadian Open and it feels great to win,” Anderson said. Germany’s Silvia Mittermuller placed second and 13-year-old Ty Walker out of Stowe, VT, showed that age simply isn’t a factor with a solid third place finish.

2011 CANO Women’s Slopestyle Final Results
1. Jamie Anderson (USA) BILLABONG $7,500
2. Silvia Mittermuller (GER) OAKLEY $3,000
3. Ty Walker (USA) ROXY $1,500

2011 CANO Men’s Slopestyle Final Results
1. Sam Hulbert (USA) RIDE $7,500
2. Zak Stone (CAN) VOLCOM $3,000
3. Francis Bourgeois (CAN) SOLOMON $1,500

Sam Hulbert

Antoine Truchon

Zak Stone

Jamie Anderson

Eric Beauchemin

Francois Bourgeois

Men’s podium, left to right: Zak Stone, Sam Hulbert, Francois Bourgeois

Women’s podium, left to right: Silvia Mittermuller, Jamie Anderson, Ty Walker