Sleeping in less than ideal situations isn’t out of the norm for most skiers — whether it be on a couch, in your car, curled up in a closet or sprawled out on the floor. Over the years I’ve read and heard some pretty awesome tips on making the most of the situations, and I figured I’d share a handful of them with you guys. Feel free to add your own to the mix though!

Rob Heule’s Terry

Choosing your vehicle. Pimped out vans work best (see Line Traveling Circus or Rob Heule for good examples ). Note that bigger options generally get colder because your body has more space to heat — a big tarp draped over your sleeping bag can be a simple solution for this though. Obviously newish is better than old-as-shit, but if you do have an old car keep in mind it’s bound to break down at some point if you don’t stay on top of maintenance.

Bedding. This really depends on how easy you can be “comfortable”. If you have the space, definitely bring something that will stay dry and keep you warm throughout the night. A quality cold-weather sleeping bag (or two) and pad are ideal. Check weather and plan accordingly. Do your best to keep your gear dry so that you can use it as well — I use a rolled up Columbia liner for the perfect pillow wherever I go. Wear a hat!

Location. Make sure it allows extended or overnight parking, and ideally it is also far away from traffic. Parking lots, back roads, a friend’s driveway are all options — just do your best to make sure you aren’t going to be getting surprised in the middle of the night. Check weather and plan accordingly.

Hygiene. Unscented baby wipes generally do the trick in terms of washing up. A change of boxers/socks and a fresh t-shirt always does wonders, and please, do everyone a favour and brush your teeth. Also, if you can find a way to poach a hot tub, do it.

Other tips
– Don’t run the car with the windows up/when it’s snowing. Stay warm.
– Take a leak before you call it a night and have an empty bottle just in case.
– Multiple pairs of warm, dry socks are a must. As are decent boots.
– Get a flashlight, a lighter, some hand warmers and a couple of candles.
– Make sure you have water and enough fuel.
– Lock your doors.
– Have fun.

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