We’re nearing the solstice, shredders, that love/hate time of year when you finally put away those manky boots and gloves. Hopefully the transition hasn’t been too hard on you, and you’re already hitting rope swings or scrambling up rocks– if so, good on ya. But for those of you waking up at three and spending your days buttering your moms’ throw rug, y’all need to get out and seize the carp. And since we know a few of you are still sitting inside refreshing Flight Centre’s Chile listings, we’re launching a contest with our friends at Pemberton Music Festival to get you working on those tans. From today until June 24, 2016 everyone who purchases a Pemberton Music Festival Shuttle Pass will be entered to win a day of summer shredding at Camp of Champions with none other than ManBoy Chris Rasman. Chris is one of Canada’s best backcountry freestylers, and he’s stoked to trade laps with one lucky festival goer– and if that wasn’t enough, the contest winner will be granted VIP access to one show of their choice at the fest, where Chris will join him or her to take it all in in front of Pemberton’s majestic Mount Currie backdrop. The only way to enter is by purchasing a Shuttle Pass, so jump on it homies! To help you prep for the July 14-17 fest, we asked Ras a few questions about his festival routine– scroll down for the goods, and get ready to #EnjoyTheRide #PembyFest!

SBC: Yo buddy! How’s it been?

Chris: Hey man, all good! We had a killer winter. It kind of ended quickly, but we had so much fun while it was on– just finding new spots and working on the ManBoys movie. It was so nice to have a decent snow year in BC again.

SBC: For sure, the alpine was caked. Stoked to see what you guys came up with for the flick. Did you get out at all after that warming?

Chris boosts in front of a Coast Mountain backdrop at last year’s Camp of Champions – Photo: @shay_will

Chris: We got out and poked around after that one reset, but for most of April we were just waiting and it never happened. It’s all good though, it was a big winter and I didn’t mind switching gears a bit early. I’ve been working for Beau’s wood restoration company putting new finishes on exteriors, that’s been really fun. It’s good to get a head start on saving for next winter.

SBC: The break can be good for sure. Stoked for Pemby this year?

Chris: For sure! I really like the festival program. It’s a great time for me to spend time with my girlfriend and some of the people I don’t necessarily get to see while I’m filming, also to hang and party with my closest friends in a non snowboard/film environment.

SBC: Any shows in particular you’re looking forward to?

Chris: It’s hard to pin that down actually, I feel like this year’s line-up is more balanced than just hyping me for one or two shows, you know? I’m stoked on lots of the acts and all for different reasons. Like Method Man and Redman– Blackout is one of my favourite hip-hop albums of all time so I’m really excited for them, but then Billy Idol is my go-to for Karaoke so part of me is more stoked for him. J. Cole is gonna be crazy, Kaskade too, Bassnectar will be a jam. But I almost get more excited about the acts I’ve never heard of, or the bands where I know one or two songs. I really like just cruising with my friends and checking out new music, it’s such a good way to get outside of your bubble.

The music festival dream's never looked so good– Pemberton Valley, 2015
The music festival dream’s never looked so good– Pemberton Valley, 2015

SBC: Are you gonna camp? Any tips on what to bring?

Chris: To be honest I’m not really into camping at festivals; as fun as it is, I prefer going home each night. Plus I’m a bit of a hangover wimp… I need a shower, my couch, a bit of time to get my life together. I’m more stoked if I can reset for each day. As far as what to bring, I try to pack really light, but there are some things you definitely need. A bit of cash is key (you don’t want to be dealing with cards or getting screwed if the machines go down), sunscreen, a 5-panel or a sun hat. It can be hard to find shade, so you’ve gotta be prepared for sun. I bring two water bottles, too– dehydration can lead to sunstroke pretty quickly. I’ve got these sunglasses from Spy I really like, this John-John Florence model that folds up to the size of one lens so you can put them in your pocket. You don’t want to be that guy creeping in sunglasses at night. I bring a hoody and jogger pants too. It gets cold after the sunset, so you want something you can slip on over your Hawaiian and shorts. I use this super packable Herschel bag, so at the end of the day when I’ve used all my stuff I can just put it in my pocket. Packable is key.

SBC: You’re dialed– been to a few of these, eh? Anything you wanna share with first-timers?

Chris: Yeah, if you’ve never been to a fest you should be aware going in that there will be more people than you’ve ever seen. Everyone’s super friendly, and you’re going to talk and hang out with people from all over the world– you should embrace that, you’ll leave with all kinds of new friends. Remember too that it’s a long haul– you’ve got 2-4 days of partying to get through, pace yourself. Don’t think you have to keep up if your friends have had more drinks than you, you’re at this amazing event and you don’t want to miss it because you’re puking in your tent. That stuff goes for everyone, not just first-timers. Also, don’t litter. Sometimes it seems like it’s fine because everyone else is doing it, or there’s a big pile of garbage, but come on guys. Don’t add to it, don’t be part of that. You’re in the mountains, you’re in the place we all love to play– have some respect. It doesn’t matter if somebody is coming to clean it up after the festival, if you love these places you need to treat them a certain way. Set an example.

SBC: Church. Any closers?

Chris: Yeah, just go with the flow. You’re gonna be with your friends and you’ll see a lot of people that you know– don’t feel like you have to keep everyone together. Trying to herd people or keep full control of everything is a waste of time, and you just end up missing opportunities to meet new people and have your own fun. Make a plan, schedule, itinerary, sure, but don’t be bummed when it falls apart. Remember that this is your music festival experience– it should be a bit unpredictable!

Check out Chris’ riding here, and look for him in the ManBoys full length coming this fall. For more on the Pemberton Music Festival, including line-ups, tickets, and general information, visit their website here. For more information about Camp of Champions visit their website here. Contest is open to Pemberton Music Festival customers who purchase Shuttle Passes. To redeem prize, contest winner must agree to Terms & Conditions and Exclusion of Liabilities from Whistler Blackcomb, Camp of Champions, and Pemberton Music Festival. Snowboard Canada and the CJ Group of Companies accept no responsibility for any damages caused to contest winner during prize days.


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