The first annual Crack the Vault Challenge at Brimacombe on Saturday March 17th was a success. With almost $2,000 in prize money and around $2,000 in hardgoods  giveaways, the riders were stoked.  It was unanimous that even with the conditions given to us coming into the event, the setup was unreal. The course had six hits, including 2 up features, 2 urban down features and 2 booters. 

Thirty-one riders competed with many spectators taking in the days event. 686 was present on the hill with their t-shirt press and all the riders and onlookers were pumped to get free custom t-shirts being made for them. The headline sponsor was Oakley donating half the prize money as well as numerous pairs of goggles and glasses, as well as ROME, 686, Monster Energy and Brimacombe’s Slopeside Retail Store.

Ski Girls
1st Catherine Helson

Snowboard Girls
1st Rachel Lee
2nd Rachel Michalecki

Snowboard 13-17
1st Tanner Gallant
2nd Martin Vachon
3rd Cameron Veenstra

Snowboard 18 and Over
1st Rodney James
2nd Joel Vachon
3rd Jordan Sullivan

Ski 13-17
1st Kevin Romanick
2nd Matthew Elliott
3rd Pelle Brolmann

Ski 18 and Over
1st Colby Attwood
2nd Taylor Nicholas 
3rd Mark Dalgleish

Best Trick 
Tanner Gallant

Brimacombe’s park staff

Rodney James

Joel Vachon

Taylor Nicholas