Earlier this month Blue Mountain Resort set a new standard by building the first ever 22-foot Superpipe in the province of Ontario. Blue Mountain has always been a long-time supporter of local athletes, and has strived to help them accomplish their goals by providing the tools and facilities they need. An accessible Olympic-size halfpipe is one of those key tools for success.

“Over the past few years resorts have been shying away from building pipes due to the level of commitment needed from all departments resort-wide to execute a seamless halfpipe,” says Blue Mountain’s Director of Mountain Experience Peter Sutcliffe. “Many element have to fall into line from the earthwork that takes place in the summer months, to the snowmaking, grooming and cutting of a halfpipe. Blue Mountain is committed to providing our guests with the best experience we can offer, and halfpipe riding is a part of that overall experience. Pipe is a great feature to use as an introduction to skiers and snowboarders who are new to freestyle terrain. The transition in a 22-foot pipe is built so smooth that beginners can get a great feel for riding the walls, and experts can boost as high as they desire.”

Blue Mountain will be gearing up for the Snowcrown Ski and Snowboard Festival March 14-22, 2015 over March Break. The event will feature the Gromination Slopestyle contest, Am/Pro Slopestyle, Pro Halfpipe and Big Air.

“There is nothing as exhilarating in winter sports than standing on the deck of a halfpipe and having an athlete blast a massive method 10 feet over your head,” says Blue Mountain’s Event Coordinator Erika Langman. “Halfpipe riding, and specifically halfpipe events, bring an astounding experience to spectators, resort guests, and anyone who happens to glance over at the pipe while the magic happens. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in the park and heard comments like, ‘Whooooa did you see that?? That was insane!!!’ coming from the chairlift overhead while top riders are training. Having a superpipe is a win-win for both athletes to use as a training facility, and the entertainment value that comes with that level of riding for resort guests.”

For full details on the Pro Halfpipe event slated for March 20, 2015 visit www.snowcrown.ca.