Nelson, British Columbia. Over 10,000 residents, a large cannabis culture, sensational coffee (wake up to a cup of Oso Negro, and you’ll understand why the people of Nelson are generally happy). Nelson is home to Whitewater Resort, an amazing amount of snow, and Rick Schneider, a local skier and chef extraordinaire  . We’ve caught up with Rick to ask him the low-down about his home-town.

1 – Best place to eat after a day of shredding?
Mike’s Place is the best place in town.

2 – Best run to hit when there is fresh pow? / Run to avoid when there is no pow?
Terra Ratta has the powder.  Diamond Drill hurts with no snow.

3 – Top three things about Whitewater?
The Cafeteria (Fresh Tracks Café is the best on-hill café in the Kootneay’s)  The 2 old rickety double chairs, and that there are no on hill accommodations (condos)

4 – Best time of year to hit Whitewater for the snow?
Early January/ mid March for the good stuff.

5 – All skiers or riders should                                                        when visiting the area?
Attempt some touring.

6 – Best place to go for a greasy, get-the-legs-pumped, large breakfast?
Cornerhouse cafe.

7 – If you want to look like a local, you should                                                                  ?
Use too much duct tape.

8 – Chance of landing a date in Whitewater?
The odds are good, but the goods are odd!

9 – Three words to describe the party vibe?
Puff, puff, pass!

10 – Any advice for newcomers to the Whitewater?
Don’t wear any snazzy snuits. (snow suits)

11- Any must-hit events on the hill?
For full on atmosphere; the last day of the season. Alter egos in full effect!

The view from the rustic chairlift.

Rick jumpin’ in some of the white stuff.