Mont SUTTON has announced today on its Facebook page the number of trees to be planted, following the initiative “Share and Reforest” which has been posted lately on From March 28 to April 7, Mont SUTTON posted five of its eco-friendly actions and the Facebook community was invited to share each of these actions. The objective of this initiative, among others, is to plant trees on the mountain to contribute to the regeneration of the forest, and to inform Mont SUTTON’s Facebook fans about the eco-friendly actions, whom will in turn inform their friends and put these eco-friendly actions into practice.

A total of 9,836 trees will be planted, thanks to 9,836 shares of the eco-friendly actions from Mont SUTTON’s Facebook page. The mountain, already well-known for its unique concept of glade skiing and its eco-friendly philosophy, will start planting trees this spring and, based on a comprehensive reforestation plan, will be spread over the next few years.

“Planting trees is one of our eco-friendly actions, among others. To inform people about the actions already in place – such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the action “Turn off your engine” or by publishing carpooling offer on the e-board on, is another one. By sharing eco-friendly actions, people inform, in turn, their friends, who will inform other friends and on… The viral side of “sharing” is a great opportunity to inform people of our eco-friendly actions – actions they will then keep in mind,” said Jean-Michel Ryan, Mont SUTTON’s general manager.

Photos of the tree planting will be posted on, this spring, as soon as the plantation starts.

All Mont SUTTON’s eco-friendly actions are compiled together on SUTTON’s Conscience Code, which is available on