Shaun White does a lot of things really well. Some of those things include monster backside airs, X Games gold domination and the ability to rock skin tight zebra print pants. In his 5th consectutive win at the X Games pipe he demonstrated all of the above and ended up with a perfect score in his victory run which included the first double cork 1260 in competion. Iouri Podladtchikov can also do monster backside airs but at the moment he is lacking in the tight pant and gold medal department. In the end he earned a silver with Ryo Aono taking third.

Shaun sending a trademark Fronstside 5 Stale.

Matt Ladley having more fun than you.

Ryo Aono ya know.

Ilouri and his first hit sans zebra print.

You can’t mess with that for a first hit and the 100 point 5th gold followed.