Day one of this years Winter X Games began with the Street contest. The line up of riders were more akin to filming a video part than they were competing but that didn’t seem to make it any less of a show. Canadians in attendance were Phil Jacques and Louif Paradis with Phil advancing through to the final 5. Today wasn’t his day though and a wrist injury sidelined him early in the finals. From there it was left to Forrest Bailey, Ethan Deiss, Nick Visconti and Ryan Paul to battle it out.  Paul’s backflips off the ledge were an obvious crowd favorite and they among other solid tricks landed him in second place. Visconti took third and with Forrest climbing to the top for a gold in his first X Games appearance.

Louif always making it happen, backside 270 to fakie. If you’d like to give him $50,000 please vote here for a well deserved Real Street win.

Phil Jacques advancing through to the finals.

Nick Visconti- 50-50 on the container.

Forest Bailey was hitting everything and stomping. Backside One 50-50 Cab 3 out. This led to the win and his first X Games Gold medal which was presented by Nas.